Thursday, February 19, 2015

A warm layered hammock for your fuzzies

While we were having our awesome holidays in Carpathian mountains, our old and grunchy ferret Nibbler stayed at home. Someone came to feed him daily, but that was all. When we came back, he was obviously mad. So I decided to atone for neglecting him with these fluffy, cozy, comfortable layered hammocks.

DIY Fuzzy Cozy Ferret Hammock


You'll need:

  • a blanket from nearby thriftstore. Pick a sturdy one, preferably wool. Note that ferret's claws can get stuck in too fluffy fabric, so avoid it.
  • some rope 
  • 4 carbines 
  • a sewing machine (optional)
  • threads to your choice, complimenting blanket and rope color
  • scissors, needle etc.

Step 1

Cut your blanket in four big equal pieces. Each piece will make a hammock. I made a two-pack this time, saving half of the blanket.

Step 2

Fold your quarter of blanket. And again. You can adjust it to your desired size. What you need is several layers to cuddle between.

Here's close-up, so you can see blanket texture. See, threads are too deep to get stuck in. And the fluff is short woolen fibers, which don't tangle. It's safety issue, guys, so watch close.

Step 3

Cut 4 20-centimeters (8 inches) pieces of rope for each hammock.

Step 4 

Loop each rope, take a threaded needle and secure the loop with few stitches. Repeat with all your loops.

Step 5

Place loops on corners of hammocks, in between layers, one at a time. Take a layered corner into your sewing machine. Run with a zigzag back and forth few times over your loop. Make sure it holds it place, than move on to next corner. Sorry for blurry pic.

(If you don't have sewing machine, you'll have to sit on this step for a while. Just sew it by hand, for a full due, and skip the zigzag).

Step 6


Step 7

Attach carbines to the loops and install hammock to your fuzzy's sleeping place. 

Who's a good human? You're a good human!

Please enjoy your beautiful pet enjoying it's wonderful bed. In & out.

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