Friday, March 24, 2017

Princess Busy-board

What I love about little kids is that they’re so free of gender prejudices. My own big passion for hardware junk started when I was barely four (probably earlier, but that’s what I remember). I can recall it very clearly: my mom was an engineer at the shipyard. One day she couldn’t find anyone to babysit, so she took me with her. A little girlie me in my bright pink jacket was walking along the giant cargo ships with my mouth wide open. All around me there were big metal things, like anchors, and sheets of metal, and cable rolls, and anchor chains. And a heap of loose chain links, each size of the palm of a hand of a grown-up man. And huge metal beams piled neatly. And even half-of-the-ship-huge-as-hell-right-above-me. As we were leaving the shipyard territory, security guy noticed I was crouching down to the ground because of something really heavy in my little pink pocket. Yup, I sneaked a 2-kilo cast iron cargo ship chain link. 

Like a little cutie pie in a pink jacket, I was. 

That’s why I was more than encouraged when I got a request to make a busy-board for a girl, for little Maya. I do believe that the busy-boards are for all kids, definitely not just boys. 

This Princess busy-board was made for the sweetest 1-year-old birthday girl, who loves - surprise - princesses and a certain British piglet. (And, just maybe, cast iron chain links.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Cloudy Busy Board for Frankie

Lil’ Frankie Banana Pants got his own big and all cloudy busyboard for the 1st birthday. Yay!

This realistic baby picture is the best I could get at a frantic party of 10+ kids (and their parents) in one apartment. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Mars View Apartments

This is another mixed media artwork of mine, dedicated to IKEA furniture.

I would make a chair gray now, too.

More gray.

I dug through a hell of magazines for this Mars article with big picture. National Geographic, how can I ever thank you enough?

p.s. I would for sure take a much better photo. But that's what you get when you give a farewell present before moving half-world away to a friend who just puts a gray painting on a gray wall. Jesus. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekday Chart

As Emir got deeper into preschool and we had to postpone some funnier activities to the weekend, I felt a need for this. Frankly, I just got tired answering a thousand of “Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow?” Now we can wait for the Saturday in more visible and fun way with this kitchen-fridge-mountable weekday chart.

Doesn't Cyrillic look funny?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tandem Busyboard for Car Lovers

I was extremely excited to work on this one. It was custom-made for little Ash for his first birthday. The tricky part was that he had to share it with his 3-y-o brother Luca. So, I came up with a tandem. 

The theme was a no-brainer. Of course, CARS is what little boys are all about. So, I dug into the idea and had a lot of fun. The project took me about 2 weeks. You, however, can squeeze it in 2 days if you have tools (jigsaw & powerdriver) and details stocked up. See below the few pictures of making-of. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jiro Busy Board

A cloudy sky is one of my favorite patterns for the kids room. You can apply them to pretty much anything, and it will turn out awesome. Check this decor, this nursery art, and this wooden cloudy crown to get the feeling. Even the beigest walls can't fight the clouds, ahahahaha!

This one above was a bit of a tribute to "Aviator". I named it after Jiro Horikoshi - Japanese aviation engineer who created Zero Bomber. Miyazaki's "The wind rises" is based on his story.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY Cardboard Castle

This story started from an argument in a toy store. No, my son wasn’t involved at all. It was me and my husband. He was just a bit too amazed with a Playmobil toy castle. I agree, it’s big, and pretty, and has cool details, but - $120? Really?

Maybe, just maybe, we can consider having some fun by making our own?