Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Busy Boards moved!

Woot woot! With great joy I move to > > >

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Is the booming tropical Saigon a perfect place to move with family?

Someone asked me a while ago to share my experience as an expat parent in Asia - and I was more than happy to, for sure! Moving with kid turned out to be a huge challenge. The fact that it was my first overseas move ever, didn't make it any easier. Now I'm extremely grateful for the incredible opportunity, that let me grow so much over old me. So, below are few of my tips and insights about parent's challenges in Saigon - one of the most popular expat destinations nowadays. I'm not naming any places or schools since it wasn't the point. But if you need specific info, I'll be really happy to share the details - just ask in comments!

A balance bike, few favorite toys, and books in check-in luggage. A handful of matchbox cars in cabin bag. In just nineteen hours, three flights and two transfers, we were to collide with a heap of unpredictable reality, called “Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”. Now I can recall the huge shock and enormous challenges we faced during our first months. Our family of three had to cope with them and adjust to living in this 12-million vibrant city, also known by its old name – Saigon. While much stuff here turned out to be shocking, much other stuff resembled home a lot. As a Vietnamese saying goes, “same-same, but different.“

Lovely Thao Dien area is an expat enclave of comfortable villas and apartment buildings

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A warm layered hammock for your fuzzies

While we were having our awesome holidays in Carpathian mountains, our old and grunchy ferret Nibbler stayed at home. Someone came to feed him daily, but that was all. When we came back, he was obviously mad. So I decided to atone for neglecting him with these fluffy, cozy, comfortable layered hammocks.

DIY Fuzzy Cozy Ferret Hammock

You'll need:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Name drawing on turquoise background

basket interior decorplant interior decor

Diptych with one of my paintings, a basket and pomegranate tree. Dear House of Turquoise, thank you for inspiration, now my balcony is a true color bomb.