Monday, November 27, 2017

My biggest inspiration turns FIVE today!

It's not "I can't believe it" moment. I surely believe it - so much joy came to my life over these five years, that it would be enough not for five, but for twenty-five at least.

I remember this exact day five years ago (of course every mother can recall the birth of her child in detail).

Emir arrived at 2:25 am, they transitioned us to our room at about 5 in the morning. The nurses told me to get some sleep, to take a rest. But I just couldn't. While my newest born baby was lying in his tiny crib, I only could stare at him, or stare out the window on the snow falling from greyish skies. Embracing this new feeling. Tasting the emotions of being a mom.

Yesterday evening, he climbed into my lap and asked to turn on the "Adventure Time". And while my boy was quietly immersed in the wacky princesses world, I stroke his back gently. His last day of being four. Him being so big and strong now. Him only climbing into my lap to cuddle now, not because I need to feed him, to hold him, to help him with everything.

This first big milestone is here. More yet to come.

My happy munchkin, my biggest inspiration, my knight in shining armor, my most playful, gracious, joyful gentleman. May your life be the fullest, the happiest. I love you.

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