Monday, November 13, 2017

How To Make a Busyboard Like No Other: It's Alive!

I always make custom busy-boards to order. First, I believe that each kid deserves his own board, made to his or her likings. Second, because I'm thrilled to come up with new designs every time - it never gets boring. Third, because I love how each busy-board I make gets its own name and story.  

Buddy Board

one year old playing with activity board

So I met this guy named David the other day. A bit of a chubby angel, funny as hell and with a truckload of charisma. We instantly got along and had a really good day spent together. 

I was so happy to make this board for him. One-year-olds are just marvelous. They stand up, and then they’re unstoppable. I once counted how many efforts Emir made a day when he learned to stand up. It was over 200. 

And as I and David’s mom get along really well, I felt extremely comfortable to come up with any design. Even the craziest one. And David obviously wouldn’t mind.

So I had this board sized about 12x20 inches and several elements at hand. The red and white palette is an homage to my first Control Panel Board. It is bright and dynamic, I love how it pops into the room.  

And I like the chevron pattern. A lot. I really enjoyed how all the Pinterest was bursting with it couple years ago. So I started with a single chevron zigzag... and gotcha! The teeth! The eyes had to follow. Before I even knew it, I was making a Buddy Board.

bright busy board design DIY

Sorry chevron, maybe next time, I’m really looking forward to.  

A process, step-by-step: 

instructions activity board DIY

Step 1. Sand your board thoroughly, round the corners and sand them, too. 

activity board step by step instructions

Step 2. Add one or two base layers of paint, if you plan for a bright design. 

activity board step by step instructions

Step 3. Pencil your design. On this step, you’ll probably want to fit your elements.  

Step 4. Use painters tape to tape out your design. 

activity board step by step instructions

Step 5. Paint over with your second color. Let dry. Peel off the tape. 

activity board step by step instructions

Step 6. Lay out your elements once again and move them around until you’re happy with the looks. Note that they shouldn’t intersect. Place each so it would be easily reachable and playable for the kid.

how to make a busy board activity board

how to pick parts for busyboard

Step 7. Start assembling. Be creative and precise. 

toddler toy DIY project

Step 8. I like to add a handle somewhere on my boards. It works great for the babies to hold on. Also, you can use it for transportation. 

busy board like no other


busy board easy project

Lovely! It has its mojo. 

David loves his new buddy! He even tried to feed him. Ain’t little kids just the best empaths? 

baby in sunshine with activity board

The board looks amazing in his play space, too. 

activity board in interior

The busy-boards are just the best statement pieces when you look for a solution to brighten up the playroom. Always.  

cool busy board present for toddler

Oh, David, you’re the apple of my eye, have fun! As you’re the sweetest chubby guy I ever met. See you soon! 

Want to order a busy-board for a cool kid in your life? Feel free to shoot me a message via TwitterInstagram or email (in profile). 

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