Thursday, August 3, 2017

Old Sock Bunnies Are Totally Among Few Of My Favorite Things

This little star-spangled sock bunny from the very beginning of my blog is still alive and kicking!

I was indescribably happy to find him all well when we got back from Vietnam. Who knew an old sock can last so long? If the baby is soon to turn 5, so the bunny is even older. Sheesh. Should throw a birthday party for him.

That's what he looked like right before Emir was born:

Pretty similar to what we have now. On the recent photo, he looks more... chilled? Well, he has been around for a while and definitely made himself at home. 

By the way, do your kids watch the "Gravity Falls"? Emir is crazy about it. And we enjoy it quite much, too. It's great how the creators swapped the gender stereotypes from earlier cartoons, making a boy a smartie and a girl the one with crazy ideas. The language can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable (nothing explicit, just rude-ish like 'shut up' and stuff). The plot, though, is catching. The evil triangle is my absolute champ.

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