Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Neverending Story of a Boy and a Busy Board

It's been almost four years since I made this first busy board. And Emir still plays with it a lot!

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Yesterday he asked me to join. It's really funny, but at his almost five he wanted to play the peekaboo. We have little googly eyes behind the door on this board. And one day I pretended to be hell scared of them. So now it's the Scared Momma in the limelight every now and then.

My astonishing drama skills are of course unbeaten. But really, it is not that hard. Anyone can yell terrified on a pair of googly eyes.

I feel really sad when I read that parents get disappointed by how little interest their kids show in busy boards. Considering a number of efforts you put in this toddler toy, you'd want to get most out of it. How do you keep your kid engaged? Well, being an example works perfectly for me every time with every parenting issue.

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I know, I know. You actually made it for the purpose of keeping them busy and getting your 30 minutes coffee-break. But trust me, if you only invest 10 minutes of your best play self, you'll keep it going for three years instead of three weeks. It's a great ROI!

So yell at these googly eyes at the top of your lungs and roll your eyes fiercely - and your baby will be laughing her pants off.

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I gave an overview of my ways of creative play with busy boards in this post so if you want your baby to enjoy his cool toy to the fullest, go check them.

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