Monday, July 31, 2017

How To Keep Up Your Workouts And Use Your Chalkboard

Did I ever tell you I have a chalkboard door at my place? I do! Can’t believe I didn’t share this project. I painted it when I was pregnant with Emir. I did my own chalk paint, following Martha's instructions, and it worked out pretty well. 

It did scratch off a bit, but that was rather my fault. NOTE: don’t scribble on it immediately after wiping off chalk with a soaking wet rag. When still very wet, the paint layer can be torn off. Other than that, this recipe is just perfect. 

We’ve had this door for about 5 years now. With two kids and a pack of creative adults around, I can say that it performs wonderfully. 

So, while the kid is away at granny’s country house, I decided to utilize chalkboard for momma’s needs. Or should I say, momma’s show-off? 

I am totally a cross-off person. Every time when we have some big event coming up (wedding, moving etc.) I will draw out a calendar and cross off the days. Same goes for any activity that needs consistency. Taking meds, whitening teeth - I will just draw the grid with a certain amount of days in it and cross them off fiercely.

You bet I used the same approach for the workouts. Nothing motivates me more than a well-deserved crossing off!

This schedule is for my workout scheme. I figured it out a few months ago when I was struggling to balance my TRX exercises with my new passion for running. But it will work just equally well for any consistent workout plan you have. Use the form and fill it up as you like. 

Step 1. Wipe off your chalkboard surface. Let dry. 

Step 2. Fit seven squares in a row across your chalkboard. You won’t need the space between, so you can put them closer or even snap together. This is your week. 

Step 3. Fit few more weeks beneath, as much as you can. Leave some space between rows. 

Step 4. Inside the squares, fill in the dates. Use the calendar. 

Step 5. Transfer your workout schedule on top of the squares. Use shortcuts. Here, CF is for CrossFit, MR is Medium Run and LR is Long Run. 

Step 6. Inside the squares, I put the muscle group targeted for the day. I do four: Arms&Back, Legs&Bootie, Abs&Core, and Fitness (round-up). Shorten it as you like. 

Step 7. Throw in your fave motivation quote if you got any extra space. 

Step 8. CROSS-OFF. 

Step 9. Add your special achievements. 

See the numbers in yellow? I write down all my running distances. To all you from the US and other mileage countries - it’s kilometers. No, I’m not THAT tough. Yet. 

Yeah, and to make the momma’s show-off complete… I’m glad you asked! Well, of course, I keep all these babes! 

By the way, setting a detailed workout plan became a real game changer for me. It’s so much easier to stick to the plan rather than figuring it out at the last moment. It also minimizes the risk of skipping the workout just because you don’t know what to do. 

It takes about forty minutes to set the plan according to your individual needs. So, if you work out and feel that you could use a level-up - try it! Check out this article for great tips on where to start.

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