Thursday, July 20, 2017

Forget About Losing Your Pen With This Simple Hack

Who doesn’t love the pretty notebooks? It’s one of the most important daily essentials for every maker, every mom, and by far for every maker mom. That’s where all the ideas go to simmer on the back stove before you’re ready to make them happen. And this is the place for all the to-do lists, of course! Where would we be without momma’s to-do lists? Not even planned. 

Out of all notebooks, Moleskine did a great job when they invented the elastic to keep the book shut. Now you can toss it into your bag and don’t worry that the pages will get jammed. It’s great, but the Cahier notebooks still don’t have that function. 

And this even not the most annoying thing. The most annoying one is when you have your pretty notebook, but the pen is nowhere to be found. 

How not to lose your pen all the time? Here's a great way to bind your writing utensil to the notebook, aesthetically. 
What I love about this super-simple solution:
  1. It keeps the notebook closed. 
  2. It keeps the pen in place. 
  3. It’s 1 piece. 
  4. Made of most common things.   
  5. You can fix it anywhere, anytime. 

You’ll need: 
  • A binder (size according to your notebook)
  • A rubber band
Choose the binder size so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable for you to hold the pen. You don’t want to use jumbo ones for this. The one that can hold up to 1/2 inch thick pile will usually do.  

Step 1.  
Put a binder on the edge of you r notebook. Snap it closed. Note the place where the pen will attach.  

Step 2. 
Take binder off. Loop it with your rubber band. Put the of the pen on it (the non-writing end). Loop rubber band few times around it and back to the binder. Aim it to pull it together snugly, so there’s no wiggling.  

Step 3. 
Snap the binder and a pen on your notebook. Done! 

Now every time an idea strikes, you can snap your pen off, write it down, and snap back on in a few seconds. It’s always there, and it’s all so neat.  

Extra tip: Color-coordinate the rubber band with your notebook. 

Snap off. Snap on. Perfect.

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