Monday, June 26, 2017

What Age Is Just Perfect For The Busyboards?

Meet Slavik - officially the cutest Captain on this Ship. His tiny hands couldn't be more adorable, laid on his new shiny busy-board. 

Who knew a motorbike distance counter can drive such an engaged “oooooh!” from a toddler? Note the fingers movement!   

He is nearly 2 years old, and it's just a perfect age for this great developmental toy. Slavik is still enjoying loud sounds and simple motions, however, he is intelligent enough now (Ahem. No offense intended.) to get into the more tricky/educational elements. 

I always prefer mounting a busy-board to the wall. I love how it pops out in any interior and makes room so very playful. However, little guys are always eager to play with it on the floor, too. In that way, they can add some toys to interact with the elements – matchbox cars, little action figures and what not. 

This time, though, Slavik was simply fancying the ding dongs, swooshes and rattles. Awww, a precious moment I’ll keep in my heart forever!

Meanwhile, my own 4-year-old keeps challenging me. He wants his next busy-board to be... Tardis. What can I say?

Challenge accepted, my son. 

Keep tuned in for the Tardis busy-board! 

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