Thursday, June 29, 2017

Super Easy Graffiti Decor for the Cheerful Flowerbeds

My mom got herself a new flowerbed to nurture this year. And, well, until she nurtures it properly, it looks just like a huge pile of black soil bordered by concrete sheets. 

Which it is. 

Yesterday I was fooling around with my 4-year-old and some graffiti spray cans. So she asked us to throw some bright decor on the flowerbed-to-be. This project was fully completed in under one hour, including time for paint to dry. 

The inspiration came in a heartbeat. This red-and-yellow bunting on the fence was there for a while and was always so lonely. Naturally, I decided to go for the same pattern, same colors, and call it a theme. 

All you need is spray paints and a stencil like this one. I didn’t even measure it carefully. You can grab your x-acto, any piece of cardboard and something ruler-ish, eyeball it and cut out. Ta-da!

As it was a preschooler-assisted project, I skipped all the measurements. I also skipped base-layering. Actually, I skipped all but the fun parts, namely…

1. Painting yellow triangles. 

2. Painting red triangles in between yellow ones. 

3. Getting rid of preschooler and double-layering all triangles, fixing all that could be fixed. 

A-dorable! Isn’t it just the cutest way to drive attention to ugly concrete sheets? I believe it is. Can’t wait for the flowers to grow and bloom. They will make this whole ensemble even more balanced and, um, beautiful.

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