Friday, May 12, 2017

How to build a pretend play airplane in 5 minutes

Do you ever build a blanket fort? Do you enjoy it? Good! Then you should try building a chair airplane!

Through most of the posts on this page, you can see that Emir is deeply fond of the airplanes of all kinds. Not that he has that much of the toy airplanes - maybe like up to ten of those - I’m not really of fan of the available airplane franchises anyway. But, the Miyazaki’s cartoons are full of nice retro-styled biplanes of bright colors and quirky designs. 

These planes give me a lot of inspiration. Particularly, it was from The Wind Rises for Aviator and Cloudy boards. Also, we’ve been watching Porco Rosso endlessly on repeat ever since Emir was born. My heart just bursts out with joy when my boy dives into impersonating “The noble and valiant pilots of the hydroplanes”. It is a great story to be played by himself, with his friends when he has someone visiting, or with us.

This one time that we built a full-scale model of the airplane out of chairs it was the lazy Sunday morning. In our rented apartment we have a benefit of any-time-open balcony right into the dirty blue skies and greenery of Saigon suburbs. So we did open this window wide, and pulled together: 
  • few chairs
  • a standing fan
  • bike (or any other) helmets
  • a destination
  • some imagination
And that was it. Emir took the pilot place, so I was a co-pilot and the navigator. 

– Where do we go? 
– Take me to Cannes!  

I do always ask Emir to take me to Cannes when we play traveling. Sometimes I’d like to be taken there by car. Sometimes by train. But it’s usually Cannes. Have you been to Cannes? It’s a nice place to visit. 

I like a thought of me drinking champagne while my son takes me to Cannes by his private jet. 

– Where do we go now, mom? 
– You choose! 
– We go to an island! 

Sure, why not? 
Emir was quite impressed with our trip to the Koh Phangan in Thailand. So now we "go" there like every other week. Not bad. 

And then something happened that cracked the hell out of me. Suddenly, Emir jumped off his pilot place and ran to the kitchen. In few seconds he ran to me holding a tray of leftovers from our breakfast. 

– Enjoy your lunch! 

God, I nearly died of laughter there. Devil IS in the details. I always get smitten away when Emir comes with these tiny adjustments that refine the whole play. 

There were eggs and a fresh baguette for lunch this day. And I must say, that plane food is much yummier on a private jet! Especially when you're on your way to... 

– Himalayas! 

Isn't it also just the coolest way of learning geography with four-year-old? It definitely is. Grab a world map, buckle up, and take off! 

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