Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Cloudy Busyboard for Frankie

Lil’ Frankie Banana Pants got his own big and all cloudy busyboard for the 1st birthday. Yay!

This realistic baby picture is the best I could get at a frantic party of 10+ kids (and their parents) in one apartment. 

A sky-themed "Jiro" got pretty updated since I posted it last time. Couldn’t say I was exactly happy with how the elements worked together. Every once in a while I tried to change something. Finally, I just attached two extra handfuls of supplies to it…

and it turned out sweet! 

This little door hides a tiny cloud that you can put a sticker on. Cute.

When mounted, busyboard will become a perfect anchor for Frankie to practice his new big skill - STANDING. Hope I can get it filmed next time!

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