Monday, December 5, 2016

Quick & Colorful Weekdays Chart For Your Preschooler

As Emir got deeper into preschool and we had to postpone some funnier activities to the weekend, I felt a need for this. Frankly, I just got tired answering a thousand of “Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow?” Now we can wait for the Saturday in more visible and fun way with this kitchen-fridge-mountable weekday chart.

Doesn't Cyrillic look funny?

The chart is in Russian, ‘cause we’ve got enough problems with Emir's trilingualism already to that point. So I wanted to keep home a mother tongue land. Anyhow, you know what it says - Monday to Sunday, from top to bottom. 

The project is easy-peasy. You’ll need: 
  • A sheet of colored paper, at least A3, or larger. 
  • Some washi tape.
  • A shape punch (optional) - I had one with little man figure, and it worked great for my purposes. 
  • Scissors, perm marker, glue.
  • Scotch tape.
  • A magnet you can spare for this purpose. 
Step 1 & 2. Layout your chart, sketch it and stick out with washi tape. I made an extra slot for the magnet. You may want to make one more for activities icons. 

Punch out whatever shape you’ve got. As I had men, I decided to put two men on every day when Emir hangs out with granny until we get home. And four little cheery men - on merry Saturday and Sunday, when we all hang out together. 

Step 3 & 4. Glue on the little men or any other decor you came up with. Then grab a permanent marker and draw the icons. I put a little house on every day when there's preschool. A ball and singing face mark the Sports and Speech lessons respectively. This Speech icon makes me laugh every time. 

Step 5. Attach to the fridge and throw a bunch of magnets on it.

Voila! Now make updating the chart  a part of your morning routine. We tied it up with taking vitamins.

This chart really helps in setting goals and patience-training your kid.  

And now I think... cloud pattern might look good at it, too.

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