Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ok, that one was even longer

So. It's been 4 month after we moved to HCMC, Vietnam.

What's important to know, is that i'm doing this first time. I mean expating. And well, it is quite tough. I bet it's much easier second time. Or if you're younger. Maybe.

But I lived for all my life, thirty years, in one city named Kiev. I know everything there. I can be a guide. I can tell you where you can get best whatever-thing-you-need. I puked on every cobblestone in the historic center aka drinking-district, and numerous mates on the streets just bloody greeted me when I passed by.

In Ho Chi Minh I know like barely 20 persons. And have troubles buying toothpicks.

This is totally new experience.

But right now when I'm writing this, a gecko sits right on my window, and I can see palm trees, which is quite cool.

We were really lucky to find our place, actually. Ok, the apartment is awfully, awfully BEIGE, it's all beige, I swear, except only for white ceilings. Beige walls, beige textiles, beige linens, beige tiles, and furniture of all the darkest beige colors (brown is just a condensed beige, you know). But it's spacious, and I'm fighting beige - slowly, but surely. What's most important is that it's in a best alley I could imagine.

Our beige apartment is in a beige building. Not surprised. The window in the top middle of the picture is from our living room.

Due to the gorgeous acacias, it's always cool and shady at our end of alley.

Flowers are everywhere.

This is the entrance. Still, it doesn't resemble a compound, with its walls and guards and stuff. It's just a nice cozy hem.

And I'm glad to be here. That's what I wanted, and I'm not letting that nasty expat depression ruin it for me. More wine! :)

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  1. More wine, more beer, more swimming- running(depends on the season) to the shop for another wine/beer!!!
    20 persons is quite a lot!!! So enjoy your new challenges))))