Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thao Dien Ward, Ho Chi Minh City

So, it’s been a month and two days, since we moved here.

So long. 

I even got used to my new veggie peeler, and that means a lot. 

Setting up a totally new home so far away is not an easy task. A rented apartment is big and spacious, but just so rented and so... beige. Considering, that I spent last four years polishing my_owned_home (and not one detail there is beige, I swear), I just can’t get so easily into renter’s shoes.  

Also, I’m back to full-time job now. Career is blooming, and it’s amazing. We have Oculus in our office - how cool is that? I’ve never met as many Japanese people in my life, and actually working in multinational environment is pretty inspiring. I feel that I can fulfil marvellous projects here, with these guys. 
Still, that means - less time for art and DIY projects. And God knows, my new beige walls need lots, lots of BIG art. 

What’s good is that art supplies here are rather cheap, and there are lots of them. Including some stuff I never thought of - like the tiny people and tiny trees for architect student’s projects. I think I can do a whole miracle land with them. 

But I miss my tools. I miss them so much. 
It's only towels that I miss more. 

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