Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Simple Busyboard For A Two-Year-Old

It's finished! My new busyboard. This time I experimented with small scale, and the board itself is just slightly bigger then A4 sheet of paper. It's covered with 3 layers of acrylic paint, and i love the bright blue-red-white color scheme.

It's all about "two", so there are 2 wheels, 2 rollers with looped rope, two little doors with "1" and "2" behind them, and two upcycled switchers from washing machine. They go up and down with a push, and roll back and forth around with a lovely feel and sound: "th-th-th-th-th". And, of course, the most popular detail - big golden spring, which makes loud "boinnnnng! boinnnnnng!". Extremely funny, really.

BTW, you can purchase it at my Etsy shop!
Some making-of:

Emir is 27 months old now, and he is so fond of this little bright piece!


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