Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aviator Busy Board

It's been a year since my first busy board "Control Panel", which successfully functions till now.

This summer it was all about aviation for Emir, therefore for me :) he was very much into Hayao Miyazaki's "Wind Rises", we watched it like million times. Really nice story about dreaming big for little boys. And for me there was quite few interesting historical details, I wiki-ed professor Junkers (did you know that he has nothing to do with WWII bombers?), and Zero bomber, and I'm more educated now. That's what I call a good animated movie.

So, our new board is dedicated to aviation and aircraft constructors.

Here it is.

And here's what's it all about.

It's full of tumblers, scrollers, propellers, buttons and chains, and a winding detail in the center, and little doors with "Three!.. Two!.. One!.." behind them. I was constantly checking it while making (I mean PLAYING, you know). And I had a beta-tester, too.

Some photos from making of.

I chose acrylic shade called "Aviation Blue" - yes, please!

Doors, handles and propellers are all handmade and painted with acrylic. Not because i'm so eco-minded, rather because when you have no car, and 15 miles away from nearest store, it's much easier to just DIY that handles.


Unfortunately, I don't have photos of all the process. It was big, and stretched in time. But there was lots and lots of fitting, glueing, drilling, painting, and moving it all around until I was happy.

I loved making it. Emir loves playing with it.
And now I feel there are some more of those in my head, just waiting to be made.

BTW, that's what "Control Panel" looks like after a year of use:

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