Monday, December 1, 2014

Aviator Busy Board

It's been a year since my first busy board "Control Panel", which successfully functions till now.

This summer it was all about aviation for Emir, therefore for me :) he was very much into Hayao Miyazaki's "Wind Rises", we watched it like million times. Really nice story about dreaming big for little boys. And for me there were quite a few interesting historical details, I wiki-ed professor Junkers (did you know that he has nothing to do with WWII bombers?), and Zero bomber, and I'm more educated now. That's what I call a good animated movie.

So, our new board is dedicated to aviation and aircraft constructors.

Here it is.

Cool toy for boys or girls

toddler 2 year old perfect toy

And here's what's it all about.

awesome toys for kids

It's full of tumblers, scrollers, propellers, buttons and chains, and a winding detail in the center, and little doors with "Three!.. Two!.. One!.." behind them. I was constantly checking it while making (I mean PLAYING, you know). And I had a beta-tester, too.

great development tool for toddler

Some photos from making of.

cut out shapes from wood Busy board materials

I chose acrylic shade called "Aviation Blue" - yes, please!

choose details for busy board

toddler making a toy

what to use for learning board

Doors, handles and propellers are all handmade and painted with acrylic. Not because i'm so eco-minded, rather because when you have no car, and 15 miles away from nearest store, it's much easier to just DIY that handles.


Unfortunately, I don't have photos of all the process. It was big, and stretched in time. But there was lots and lots of fitting, glueing, drilling, painting, and moving it all around until I was happy.

bright round busy wall

I loved making it. Emir loves playing with it.
And now I feel there are some more of those in my head, just waiting to be made.

BTW, that's what "Control Panel" looks like after a year of use:

busy board after a year

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