Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Control Panel Busy Board

I made this for my son's first birthday. It was a huge WOW among 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and - to my surprise - a 10-year-old. A success, really.

Busy board for a baby

Before making, I did a research on this subject. Among tens of similar projects, I found a  board by gmglimmerglass most inspiring. I loved the idea that this board can be not only a fine-motor-developing toy for toddler, but a cool entertainment for older kid. It can act as space ship control panel, crazy scientists machine, submarine intercom, etcetera, etcetera.

First I bought all supplies at hardware store. You just walk around and grab anything you like. I got some wheels of different sizes, since my baby loves wheels; window handle; door stopper; piece of tube to drop things through it; and some more stuff.
I had a white board of suitable size, but after fitting all the details, i thought it will be right to color-block it, to divide different areas and make it look more neat. I did it with some painters tape and acrylic paint.

diy cool toys for kids tutorial

diy project baby boy toys Busy board items

Children toys you can make Busy board instructions

Then I added my details.

cool toy for toddler Toys with wheels

I had small handles, so I carved little doors out of plywood, and painted them.

little doors for busyboard diy baby toys

And attached doors to main board.

diy toys for babies step by step Busy board instructions

baby boy toy baby girl toy Busy board locks

Last step: adding little things. I tied a piece of sturdy rope to rings, so it can be pulled and yanked. I sticked a pair of googly eyes behind one of the doors, and a pocket for changeable picture - behind other. A small safe mirror will do fine too.

This board makes a greatest birthday present, Emir enjoys it so much

Emir loves his board. Most of all - the door stopper, it is a huge hit. Boiiing! Boiiing! :)

Diy toys online Easy busy board

If you make this board long enough, two or three kids can share it without fighting.

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